Cesta prvih borcev 18, 8280 Brestanica
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About the company

The Brestanica Thermal Power Plant has a special role in the Slovenian electricity system and is included in the GEN group. With its specific technology, gas blocks with a total power of 350 MW, it provides all the basic system services in the electric power system of Slovenia:
  • Tertiary frequency control (manual frequency restraint) in cases of failure of major power blocks or other disruptions in the national energy system,
  • Start-up of gas blocks without an external power source, and
  • An independent source of power required by the Krško Nuclear Power Plant's urgent own use of for a safe shut down.

 With its flexible aggregates and adequate infrastructure, Brestanica can carry out the following services and activities:
  • Production of electricity from fossil resources (natural gas and extra light fuel oil), i.e. conical, trapezoidal and, if necessary, bandwidth;
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary regulation of work and reactive energy;
  • Island operation and supply of certain consumers in the Posavje and Dolenjska area;
  • Backup power supply for a safe shut down of Krško in the event of a power system breakdown;
  • Production of electricity from renewable sources - the energy of the sun,
  • Storage of liquid fuels.

Basic information:

Company manager: Tomislav Malgaj
Company name: Termoelektrarna Brestanica d.o.o.
Cesta prvih borcev 18, Slovenia
SI - 8280 Brestanica
VAT ID: SI49407783
Registration number: 5033772000
Telephone: (07) 481 60 00
Fax: (07) 492 22 62

E - mail: info@teb.si