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History of TPP Brestanica

Brestanica Thermal Power Plant is one of the oldest operating power plants in Slovenia. Its history dates back to 1939 when the construction and installation of the first turbo-generator using coal technology took place. The power plant supplied the first kilowatt hours of electricity to the grid in July 1943.
Toward the end of the 1960s, problems with the supply of coal from the Senovo and other surrounding coalmines compelled the management of the Brestanica Thermal Power Plant to decide to build a gas-steam power plant fuelled by gasoline and fuel oil. This would be the first such combined gas-steam power plant in Yugoslavia. Thus, the role of the power plant changed, and with its quickly adjustable gas turbines, it became able to generate peak or peak load electricity. At the same time, its ability to black-start the gas turbines gave it an important role in the provision of ancillary services for the electric power system.
Between 1998 and 2000, gas turbine units PB 4 and PB 5 were constructed in order to generate peak electrical output and to provide ancillary services for the needs of the electric power system. With their construction, the power plant achieved a significantly higher capacity and became a modern and reliable facility for the generation of electricity.
In 2004, Brestanica Thermal Power Plant took an active part in the construction of other hydroelectric power plants on the lower Sava River. After constructing the Boštanj Hydroelectric Power Plant, it was in charge of the maintenance of the Boštanj, Arto - Blanca and Krško hydroelectric power plants until the end of 2015. Between 2008 and 2010, the Brestanica Thermal Power Plant constructed three solar power plants as part of the energy retrofit of its office building. Between 2006 and 2009, Elektro Slovenija, Elektro Celje and Brestanica Thermal Power Plant constructed a new 110 kV GIS switchyard that substituted the former open-air switchyard. In 2013, the reconstruction of a pump site on the stream was completed with the construction of a pipeline and a new pump site for cooling water. They are both of key importance for the Brestanica Thermal Power Plant due to their reliable supply of cooling and process water.

Important milestones:
1939 – 1943 Errection of steam turbine unit 1 (TA1) with the output of 12,5 MW
1947 - Errection of 110 kV switchyard
1955 - The enlargement of the switchyard
1959 – 1961 Errection of steam turbine unit 2 (TA2) with the output of 13,5 MW
1972 – 1975 Errection of gas turbines PB1-3 with the output of 3x23 MW and integration of steam turbine unit TA1 and TA2 into the first combined cycle in Yugoslavia at the time
1998 – 2000 Errection of gas turbines PB4-5 with the output of 2x114 MW
2008 – 2010 Errection of three PV power plants
2009 - Errection of the GIS switchyard
2013 - Reconstruction of a pump site on the stream with the construction of a pipeline and a new pump site for cooling water