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History of TPP Brestanica

TPP Brestanica is one of the oldest operating electrical power plants in Slovenia. Its’ history began in 1939 with the erection of the first coal fired turbo generator. The production units began operating in 1943. 

With the oncoming difficulties at supplying the appropriate amount of coal from the coal mine Senovo and other nearby coal mines in the early 1970's, the power plant was upgraded with three gas turbine units and heat recovery steam generators, forming a combined cycle power plant together with the existing two steam turbine units. 

With the new, fast and adaptable generators, the role of TPP Brestanica in Slovenia’s power grid changed to peak electrical energy production facility. In addition, TPP Brestanica achieved the “black – start” ability, this is the ability to start the generators up without any external power grid.
At the end of the 1990’s, gas turbines PB4 and PB5 were built. Their role is to produce peak energy and other system services in Slovenia’s national power grid.

With bigger GT units, TPP Brestanica became a modern, reliable and powerful production facility. Combined, TPP Brestanica can produce 297 MW of electrical power, which amounts to around 10% of Slovenia’s production capabilities.
In 2004, TPP Brestanica took on an active role in construction of Lower Sava River hydro power plants. After the completion of the first of five facilities, HPP Boštanj, TPP Brestanica started operation and maintenance of this facility. Later on, the company HESS, d.o.o., became the operator of HPP’s on Lower Sava River.

During the years 2008 – 2010 TPP Brestanica erected three photovoltaic power plants with the combined output of 170 kWp.
The new 110 kV gas insulated switchyard RTP Brestanica was built in 2009. It replaced the old, open-air switchyard. The construction combined three investors: ELES (national grid operator), TPP Brestanica and Elektro Celje (local electricity distributor). It connects TPP Brestanica to the national power grid.

Important milestones:
1939 – 1943 Errection of steam turbine unit 1 (TA1) with the output of 12,5 MW
1947 Errection of 110 kV switchyard
1955 The enlargement of the switchyard
1959 – 1961 Errection of steam turbine unit 2 (TA2) with the output of 13,5 MW
1972 – 1975 Errection of gas turbines PB1-3 with the output of 3x23 MW and integration of steam turbine unit TA1 and TA2 into the first combined cycle in Yugoslavia at the time
1998 – 2000 Errection of gas turbines PB4-5 with the output of 2x114 MW
2008 – 2010 Errection of three PV power plants
2009 Errection of the GIS switchyard