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Vision, mission, values and strategic goals

Vision and mission
Our vision is to maintain the role of the market leader in providing the next system services in Slovenia and abroad:
  • tertiary regulation
  • black start
  • auxiliary power supply of NPP Krško

This will ensure for our company to be recognised as a modern, trustworthy and sustainable production facility in Slovenia and abroad.
With the completion of current and future development programs, company’s long-term business stability and social security of our employees will be insured.

At TPP Brestanica, we recognize the responsibility towards our respected business partners, owners and employees as a whole. We meet their expectations by insuring safe and reliable operation of our production units, taking into account the principles of environmental protection, legal and moral rules of Slovene and European society.
In accordance with our vision and mission our core values are:
  • Proficiency,
  • Innovation,
  • Environmental protection,
  • Affiliation and responsibility.

Strategic goals:

Company policy:
  • Maintain or increase tertiary regulation market share in Slovenia abroad,
  • Business expense optimisation,
  • Insure high start-up reliability and availability,
  • Maintain an active role in Lower Sava River HPP maintenance
  • Maintain ISO 9001 quality management standard

Managing strategic development and investments:
  • Continue developing the project to replace PB1 – PB3 3x23 MW with new production units which will meet environmental standards as technical demands for tertiary regulation and black start
  • Continue to invest in renewable sources of energy (HPP on Lower Sava River)

Environmental responsibility:
  • Managing environmental impacts
  • Maintaining ISO 14001 environmental management standard
  • Acquisition of COMAH / SEVESO environmental permit

Insuring work health and safety:
  • Maintaining BS OHSAS 18001 H&S standard

Human resources management:
  • Rationalisation of employee organisation structure with strategic career planning,
  • Employee motivation with diverse education processes.