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care for employees

In Brestanica, we are aware that human resources are the key to success and that only a satisfied team can produce positive results. Accordingly, we constantly provide a stimulating and employee friendly working environment.
Education and training of employees

The company encourages both on-going training and in-service training, because the company management is aware that employee education not only helps the individual's personal development and progress, but also creates added value for the company.
Health and safety at work - OHS and FP

OHS and FS are the two essential elements for ensuring the reliability, quality, and business performance of the company, therefore the policy of OHS and FS is focused on identifying, analysing, and taking measures to reduce risks in both areas. The aim is to prevent fires, injuries, and work-related illnesses, as well as to ensure the working ability of employees throughout their working lives. In our company, we have established a system of occupational health and safety management - OHSAS 18001, through which we evaluate and systematically manage the risks of OHS and FS areas.
OHS and FS are included in the Policy of the management systems of Brestanica which determines the objectives and commitment of the management in this field as well.

Trade Union and Workers' Council

The company has a trade union representing the interests of the employees and a workers' council through which the employees participate in the management of the company and the realisation of its goals.

The trade union of the company is a legal entity representing the interests of the employees and relates primarily to the economic, financial and social position of the employees. The most important agreement between the trade union of the company and the company is the Entrepreneurial Collective Agreement, with which the parties determine the rights, obligations, and responsibilities in the field of employment relations.

Workers' council The company operates on the basis of the Workers' Participation in Management Act (ZSDU), which guarantees the employees the right to participate in the management of the company. The basic mission of the workers' council is to ensure the right to the initiative and the response to the initiative, the right to information, the right to opinions and proposals and answers to them, the possibility or obligation of joint consultations with the employer, the right to participate in the decision-making process, and the right to detain the decisions of the employer. 

Sports club

The employees can join the sports club which organizes a variety of preventive and recreational sports activities for its members.