Cesta prvih borcev 18, 8280 Brestanica
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At the Brestanica Thermal Power Plant we decided to introduce an integrated management system in line with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards with the purpose of ensuring systematic and transparent management and more successful operation.

The management system is adapted to the company's basic business process, which is the generation of electricity, and allows us to realize our outlined policy and objectives. Our employees are included in the management system with clearly defined tasks and responsibilities that are directed towards the quality implementation of their work, preemptive activity and continuous improvement. 

Management system policy is an integral part of the organization's business policy and is committed to:
  • reliable and safe production of electricity with minimal impact on the environment
  • maintaining the role of the leading provider of system services on the electricity market
  • improving and increasing reliability and productivity in the area of electricity generation

The basic quality objectives are to ensure: 
  • safe operation
  • initial reliability
  • operational reliability and 
  • operational availability