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Reasons for replacement

The very adaptable GT units PB1 – 3, which enable black starts are a independent offsite power supply for nuclear power plant Krško in case of power grid failure or other incidents. Their life span is coming to an end, although they do not have a lot of operating hours, is coming to an end. Maintenance, as effective and extensive as it is, cannot make up for the large number of starts of these old machines.
Complying with high reliability, availability and ecological standards, will become ever harder in the future using GT units PB1-3.

Project development
With the intention of expert studies and evaluation of all conditions and demand, which will make new GT units environmentally and economically feasible, TPP Brestanica commenced project development.
The first step was to carry out input studies to asses input data to be used in further project development. Important conclusions, justifying the replacement of PB1-3:
  • GT units PB1-3 lifespan is coming to an end,
  • Revitalising GT units PB1-3 is financially and technically unfounded,
  • GT units PB1-3 have a crucial role in nuclear safety, therefore new GT units must replace obsolete and worn out GT units,
  • GT units supplying auxiliary power to nuclear power plant Krško, must have black start capability and comply with BAT (best available technique) criteria,
  • With the construction of new, big production units in the Slovene power grid, demand for tertiary regulation will increase,
  • New GT units have lower emissions, therefore are much more environmentally friendly,
  • The location of TPP Brestanica, with the entire necessary infrastructure already at hand, is the most suitable.

Tertiary regulation demand foresight
After initial input studies, several more steps have been made:
  • Pre-investment study (project development phases),
  • Design concept (technical and technological concept details) and
  • Investment programme (financial aspect of the project)
In accordance with the pre-investment study, PB1-3 replacement project will be carried out in two phases:
  • PHASE Ia: Erection of one new 40 - 70 MW class GT unit (PB6), which will fully fulfil the demands for auxiliary supply of nuclear power plant Krško and partially fulfil tertiary regulation demands,
  • PHASE Ib: Erection of one more GT unit (PB7) if tertiary regulation demand increases (completion of TPP Šoštanj TEŠ6 power plant, nuclear power plant Krško 2, …)
Phase Ia and Phase Ib situation

Model of new GT units (four chimneys on the left)