Cesta prvih borcev 18, 8280 Brestanica
(07) 481 60 00
(07) 492 22 62


Because of its system service capabilities, TPP Brestanica represents a very reliable back up source during critical situations in the Slovene national and European power grid.
TPP Brestanica enables:
  • Fast intervention during hyper demand of electrical energy or outages of high voltage transmission power lines or outages of other production units
  • Prevention of power grid destabilisation
  • Power grid reassembly after power grid outage
  • Supplying and independent power source to nuclear power plant Krško

During the critical moments of intervention, a highly effective and well-trained technical crew is of utter importance for the correct operation of TPP Brestanica. Five fast gas turbines, three of them with 23 MW and two with 114 MW of power need only 15 minutes from the start demand to full power at 297 MW. This fulfils the ENTSO - E criteria for minute reserve. Because of its role, TPP Brestanica is designed to provide great technical flexibility as does it provide great flexibility regarding the fuel usage. The turbines can run on methane gas from the national gas pipeline, extra light fuel oil or the combination of both at the same time.