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Gas turbine unit PB 6

Siemens's PB 6 gas block, with a rated power of 53 MW, operates in a simple process. This is the first gas block in the project Replacement of the PB 1-3 gas blocks . For propellant, it uses natural gas or extra light fuel oil and allows switching between the two types of fuel during operation. Like the PB 1-3 gas blocks, the PB 6 gas block also has the possibility to run without an external power source and will serve as a backup power source of urgent own use of Krško in the event of the power system breakdown. It is also distinguished by a number of other technological functionalities, such as fast start in less than 13 minutes, step load takeover, capacity of island operation, and implementation of the primary, secondary and tertiary regulation. The operation of the gas block is environmentally friendly, the levels of harmful substances in the exhaust gas (Nox, Co, So2) and noise emissions are below the regulatory limits.