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GT units PB1-3

Three AEG Kanis GT units 3x23 MW started operation in 1975. They are capable of running on liquid fuels, currently they run on extra light fuel oil. In the middle of the 1990’s PB2 and PB3 were upgraded to run also on fuel gas.
These GT units boast with reliability and fast starts. It takes them less than 15 minutes from start command to nominal power. Each unit is fitted with its own diesel starting engine, which enables the turbine to start without auxiliary power. This is the reason these gas turbines are also used as a backup power supply for Nucler power plant Krško and black – start service in the national grid.
Each of these units may also be used to start up GT units PB4 and PB5 (2x114 MW). This ensures all of our gas turbines the ability to start without external grid voltage.
GT units are of modulare type and are comprised of three main components:
  • Command module,
  • Turbine module,
  • Generator module.

Command module
It contains GT control system (TurboCon), auxiliary supply systems and electrical protection.
Turbine module
Compressor, combustion chambers, gas turbine and auxiliary systems make up the turbine package. Auxiliary systems include start up diesel motor, auxiliary gearbox, lubrication system, cooling system, fuel pump and other systems needed for turbine operation.
Generator module
Generator module includes gearbox to reduce turbine rotation speed (5120 min-1) to generator rotation speed (3000 min-1) and the generator itself. Generator transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy. Through the generator circuit breaker the generator is connected to the step up block transformer and the auxiliary supply transformer.