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Photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic projects in TE Brestanica began developing in 2008, when the administrative building was reconstructed for energy saving purposes. A PV power plant was designed on the roof of this building. The whole project also included a new insulation facade and the replacement of the asbestos roofing materials.

Trimo sandwich panels with integrated amorphous silicon thin layer solar modules, glued on to the top of the roof panels, turned out to be the optimal solution at that time.

The solar module manufacturer was an USA company, UNISOLAR. This photovoltaic power plant, our first at the time, was named MFE TEB 1. Its’ nominal power output is 38,08 kWp and was constructed and connected to the grid on February 9th 2009.

In the year 2010, we connected two additional PV power plants. MFE TEB 2 with the nominal power output of 81,78 kWp is integrated into our new carport.

At the same time, a PV power plant MFE TEB 3, situated on the main turbine building 2 (GPO 2) was constructed. It has an output of 49,9 kWp. They both have mono crystal modules.

Together, our PV power plants annually produce 170 MWh of electrical energy.