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Solar power plants

2008 The beginnings of the development of projects in the field of solar energy exploitation in Brestanica, when the energy rehabilitation of the business building started. It included a new facade with insulation and replacement of the corrugated sheet roof covering, containing asbestos, with a new, energy-efficient roof covering.
2009 As part of the roof replacement, a solar power plant was also planned. The use of the Trimo sandwich panels with integrated thin-film solar modules from amorphous silicon, glued to the top surface of the sandwich panel, turned out to be the most optimal solution. The advantage of these modules is that they are light, their installation requires no major demolition works on the roof, and they do not spoil the appearance of the building. The manufacturer of solar modules is Unisolar from the U.S. The first solar power plant was named MFE TEB 1, its rated power is 38.08 kWp and it was connected to the network in February 2009.
2010 Two more solar power plants have been put into operation. The MFE TEB 2 solar power plant with the rated power of 81.78 kWp is integrated into the roof of the newly built carport. The peculiarity of the canopy is that there is no basic roofing to attach the solar modules to; in fact, the roof consists of solar modules which at the same time act as a roof (to protect the cars from the weather). Monocrystalline solar modules, manufactured by Asola from Germany, were used. At the same time as the MFE TEB 2 solar power plant, the MFE TEB 3 solar power plant was built, located on the roof of the GPO 2 facility, which has the rated power of 49.9 kWp. Also, monocrystalline solar modules were used, the manufacturer of which is Solarwatt from Germany.
All solar power plants are connected to the power system via the TP 20/0.4 kV TP transformer. The total installed capacity is 170 kWp and the planned annual production is 170,000 kWh.