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TE Brestanica chose to implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 standards for the purpose of making management systematic, transparent and successful.

The quality system in comprised of the organisation structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to manage the system. The system was developed and implemented and is carried out in such manner that it realises the structured policy. The system of management has such a structure, which is adapted to the basic business process of our company, the production of electricity. Established, up kept and documented management system is handled is such way that every business, technical and technological activity is planned, carried out, supervised and documented. It is implemented throughout our organisation in all levels of business and technological processes, which enables constant monitoring of all processes. The key figures are the employees, with clear assignments and responsibility, directed towards quality execution, preventive orientation and constant improvement. The management system applies to every employee.

Basic characteristics of the management system:
  • It is process orientated
  • Internal control mechanisms of constant improvement base on Deming PDCA (plan, do, check, act) circle
  • It is constantly adapted to our organisation, technological status of equipment, human resources and the demands of the original standard
  • Every employee is obligated to execute the systems demand in accordance to the latest system documentation, propose adaptations, improvements and reporting to superiors of work – system related non – compliances.

The success of the management system is reflected in safe and reliable operation, adequate availability of the power plant in terms with the demand of our customer as it is reflected in achieving set strategic goals and long-term business success.
Quality policy is a basic element of our organisations policy. The management bears responsibility and commitment for quality policy, it sets, documents, announces, spreads, clarifies and develops it on the basis of company’s mission and vision, demands and expectations of our customers and other interested parties.
The goals of quality management system:
1. Meeting customer demands and expectations:
  • Scale of production
  • Level of K factor (availability)
  • Number of reclamations

2. Meeting owner demands and expectations:
3. Insuring:
  • Safe operation
  • Start reliability
  • Production reliability
  • Production availability
  • Efficiency:

4. Monitoring and analysing reports of non - compliance
5. Management reviews implementation
6. Carrying out internal revisions
7. Carrying out training plan